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Monday, March 30, 2009

CURRENT BAND: Penicillin

How is everyone? I'm great! I had a wonderful weekend! I jsut got word that my hide cd is on it's way!! Me and Chastity was 2gether all weekend. I'll give you a little bit for day by day!

I got up and took the girls to school and then played on the computer for a little while. Then I went to work after work I went and picked up Chastity and we meet up with a few of my friends from work. We went bowling and I had a blast. Then we went to Applebees and got some food to go. I'll eat there food but I won't eat IN there the smell of that place makes me sick XP. Then we came back to Chastity's house and eat and watched tv for a little while. Then we went to bed. And we cuddled!! X3

I woke up and I had a "vistor" and I was pissed! Grrr! >.< But I got up and had to run to the store and get things and some cooking stuff for Chastity. Then Me and Chastity watched Roger Rabbit and then went to the mall and I got some cute shoes that have robot girls on it and omg help me I actually bought a Naruto shirt I fucking hate naruto!! >.<' But I only got it because I love the akatsuki. (the word sounds like it should be prounced A-Cat-Sue-Key. But I know it's not) And I love Itachi...because he's awsome! And I FUCKING HATE SASUKE!!!!!!! But anyways then we went back to Chastity's house and went to eat and that's about it for that night

We got up early Chastity got up to make a cake and I took a shower then We Got dressed and waited for her aunt to call then we head to Ashville North Carolina X3 To see Jefafa Dun-HAM! lol I spent 70 dollars there! XP I got a Achmed Poster (10) and Achmed Patch (5) 3 peanut dog tags (30) and a Shirt wiht Peanut (25) But I like em all! X3 And I don't think I've laughd that hard in soo long. I was weesing after a while! XD Chastity said I sound like a cat in a blender! XD I told her she sound like a car trying to start! Like a Taurus not a camero! XD

Well g2g



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