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Friday, March 27, 2009

Current mood: good
Current song: eternal silence
Current band: Phantasmorgira

ello everyone! HOw are you? I'm good and quite bored. I think I have an idea for the next theme on my layout...I believe it will be phatasmoriga! Riku!! He's soo pretty! I got good news! I have hide's cd Lemoned I screamd heading my ways! I orderd it off ebay...I thinking about getting some Sex Pot ReVenGe Pants...but the shipping is 18 dallors and I'm not evening getting in to the price! Xp But I wants soooommmmeee sooooooooooo BADDDDD!!!! Eventually I will! I'll be nice and get me a pair. I only got 4 comments on my last post. Am I that boring? >.< Hmmm...Yeah I'm going to make a new layout...Well ttyl!


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