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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: Circus
Current band: Brittany Spears


How is everyone? I'm good! I'm at the school getting my sister but I'm currently wasting some time because it takes for ever for everyone to clear out. It's crazy lol. I'm bored Chastity's here with me! ^w^ I love her so much.

I'm waiting for my insurance company to call me back about my car. I hate it that damn cop said it was my fault I hate her. Fucking pigs! XP lol I'm soooooo boreddddd....XDDDDDDDDD

Chastity's not feeling tooo good because she got a shot today and her body's not used to it. I want he better! I love her so much! I love my Chastity! She's my everything! *blushes* ^//////^

O.o I've got My óż leaps leaps for "C" stuck on my head. It's on my site! I love it!!! Chastity sent me a text saying That her heart leaps for "J"!!! ^/////////////////^ I love her sooooo much!!!!

WEll g2g


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