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Monday, March 2, 2009

Current mood: good
Current song: Genkai Haretsu
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Thank you all for the comments and compliments! X3 I'm soo bored! How is everyone? I'm bored! Oh if any of you would like to talk to me or need to talk to sum on about anything you can always talk to me!! And if you PM me I'll give you all my celly number!! you can text or call anytime!

I will tell you this! Please don't make fun of my accent! I have a very STRONG southern accent! XD It's funny cuz I'm on the phone all the time with my job and I get a lot of compliments on it...but I don't like it XP lol And I get hit on a lot! >x< I had a pervert caller the other day!!! He was like how old are you? ANd I was like...O.o That's none of you business and he was then like what kind of panties are you wearing? ANd I was like Um...TIM?! HELP! >//< And Tim came over and got on the phone and dude hung up. He won't talk to any men...he's nasty and apparently he calls all the time...that everyone knows who he is. XP His name is Anthoney! >.<

Well I'm going to go!!! ttyl~!



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