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Thursday, February 5, 2009

current mood: good
Current song: Longing
current band: X Japan


How is everyone? I'm great. I'm just really bored. I got to see Chastity this morning before she headed to school. I drove by there after I dropped my sisters off for school. I was soo happy to see her! I love her soo much! X3

So What has everyone been up too? I'm just sitting her watching Golden Girls again. Yes I watch it everyoen morning about the same time XD I like Golden Girls. And if you haven't watched I sugest you do! It's sooooo FUNNY!!!! lol Then I watch the Maury Show. Then I usually loose intress in the tv and all my attention is on the computer and then I get ready for work. THen I leave for work. That's a what I do just about everyday XD It's bad isn't it? XD

I'm bored...I don't know what else to talk about hmmm.....*thinks* Hmmmm! X3

Well I guess I'll go!




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