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Monday, February 2, 2009

Current mood: Good
Current song: Tears
Current band: X Japan!!


Sorry it took soo long for me to update. I've been with Chastity all weekend! X3 I've had a great time! I got my hair cute kinda like Miku from An Cafe! Not how he looks now but how he looked early about 2 or 3 years ago. I got a picture! X3


What do you think? I luffs it! Chastity kept saying I was sooo cute!!! X3 I got my first paycheck friday so I decided to get my hair cut! My paycheck was 200 dollars! I was like O.O I never made this at Applebees! Thank god I decided to change jobs! X3 lol

So how is eveyone doing? Chastity bought me these cute earrings yesterday they are hearts and they have a rainbow and these panda on them! I LOVE THEM!!!! I got me some hair clips for my hair! I figured if I'm going to have a jrock hair cute I'm gonna fix it up like one too! X3 Well it's more of a harajuku thing but you know what I mean! XD lol Well I'm going to go!



Have a great day!

Oh and thank you all soo much for the comments on my site!!!

I'd also love to say Happy birthday to Kami-Sama!

R.I.P. Beautiful Butterfly!!!

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