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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Current mood: Hungry?! XP
Current song: Mushi
Current band: Dir En Grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I'm good! I'm just really hungry. I've got to work at 2:30 p.m. Chastity is at school, well she's heading to school at this moment. lol. I'm watching the golden girls again! X3 I like Golden Girls. I made my site Kyo! I decided to make a layout. I can't stand to go with out one for too long and we all know I make alot of em. I thought about Taking some Layout requests. But First I've got to see if I can get some free time. XD lol. I can't find anything to eat. I'm going to go look again in a few after I'm done updating. XD lol So do you like the new Kyo layout. Who do you think I should choose for the next one? another Kyo, Kami, Gackt, Miyavi, or hide? HMMMM! Awww this song is soo sad. Kyo start's crying in it! Awww poor Kyo. *hugs Kyo* Oh yeah that remindes me Yesh Anika, I've met Kyo and he hugged me because I gave him a skull ring. X3 He likes Skulls. And I met Toshiya too! X3 I want to meet them again! >w< I LOVE DIR EN GREY!!! I want to meet other Jrockers but so far no luck XD Maybe if I lived in Japan I'd have a better chance huh? XD Man listening to Diru like I have been brings back memories of when this place was up and running good and alot of my good friends where still here and I had alot of Jrock friends. But alot of people have left. I hate that soo much it kills me! MyOtaku is awesome. And people don't even care! And there is a few people on here who refuse to be apart of theOtaku worlds. I only get on there for my mail. XD And to see if I've made to Otaku Legend! XD I'm one step away from being an OTaku Legend. I'm currently an Otaku Senior++ ^w^ Yay! *dances*

Well I'm going to go before I start rambling on some more about random things XD

Well ttyl


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