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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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How is everyone? I'm great! I'm loving my new job! It's easy! Even thou I work 2:30 to 10. It just takes me 20 mins or less to get home.
I think I'll be update more now. Since I have one schedule! ^w^ and it never changes unlike fucking applebees!

Well Chastity and I are doing marvolus! i LOVE HER *w* We are going to be hanging out his weekend. I haven't seen her since last friday but I talk to her all the time. She's in college right now. So she's always busy and I'm working. But that's okay we always make time for each oter. I want to work to make everything great for me and her. I want us to never want for anything. And I believe this job will help us to do so! She means everything to meh!!! ^w^

Well g2g!



1.) Crimson-Rose: I found out that I'm not doing the telemarketing. I just help Sprint customers with there warrantys. We have diffrent devisions and I do Sprint! I get discounts! ^w^

2.) Deadly Neko: It's acutally really easy. All we do is wait for calls XD

3.)Fire Fist Ace: THANK YOU!!!!

4.)roseeyes: THANK CHU!!!!!

5.) princessanika: I found out that I'm not a telemarketer! XD It's diffrent I'm in a 3 week trainging thingy once I'm out I'll tell you all about it! AND I LOVE THE AVI! X3 AWW THANK YOU!! I LOVE MY CHASTITY!!

6.)Kiba051095: I tried to send you a new request on myspace....T.T But it won't let meh! idk your last name!!

7.)shadowtiger69: Thank you! and YES APPLEBEES IS LIKE A FUCKING SLAVE DRIVING BOSS! >.<' I HATE THAT FUCKING PLACE. THEY DON'T PAY SHIT! but it might be diffrent where you live. As long as you don't work in Knoxville at the one next to the Mall then you should be good! Get back to me on it and tell me if you like it!!

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