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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: In to the moonlight
Current band: Idk....BAD LUCK XD


So how is everyone? I'm okay except I'm alittle sick today so I missed work! T.T I hate that cuz I really need the money right now T.T >.<' GRRRR! But I figured I'd relax while I could. My boss got pissed at me for missing work. I told him That He should know better then anyone that I'm always at work. So if I'm sick I'm serious. OH well I don't have to work tomarrow because it's thanksgiving. But I have to work Friday from opening to close! >.< GRRR! Then I have to go back a 10 the next morning for a hostess meeting....Joy....I fucking hate it! I hate Applebees. Love the food just hate the place. I wish I could find me a better job. Gah! >.<' Well g2g!



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