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Monday, September 8, 2008

Gomen Na Sai!
Current mood: Hungrey!
Current song: NUDE
current band: Hakuei


How is everyone? I've finally got to here something by Hakuei!! Here you go!


Anyways! lol

I've missed a few days of updating and I'm sorry for that! I've been so busy and I haven't been home I've been at Chastity's just because I can't take it here much anymore! It's getting hella worse here! >.<'

We had a sucide attempt at my work the other day! It was Crazy!!! You couldn't believe how crazy it was there that night! It was all because his girlfriend had left him and kept on dragging his heart around. And I guess he just couldn't take it anymore. BUt he cut his head open and his wrist! ANd he went after his girlfriend with a knife! >.<'

BUt that's about it! lol



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