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Monday, August 11, 2008

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How is everyone? Thank you guys soo much for you comments! It's nice to know that I do have a few good friends here too. It made me happy! It really helped. But I talked to Chastity about it. I've decided that I'm going to get a job and start saving up until I start school and that will hopefully be in Sept.

I'm at home today all alone! T.T My sisters are gone. They have left to school.....I want to go to school! T.T I miss it already! lol Just the soicalizing part. XD It was awesome cuz I got to see my sexyful Chastity everyday! I love Chastity! I'm texting her right now! lol Yay!

So what do you all think of my new theme? ^.^ It's Maya from LM.C! Which rememinds me I've got to fix up Chastity's site too! ^.^

Oh I watched a Korean Horror last night called "The Red Shoes". It's CRAZY!?! It was an awesome movie! ^.^ If any of you have ondemand by comcast then you can get it too! ^.^ lol

Oh Chastity wanted me to tell you all about after I updated Saturday in the kitchen! XDDD Yeah she throw my little ass up on the island and yeah...we did some naughty things! Don't worry! I scrubbed the kitchen afterwards! XDDD I'm not a dirty person! lol

Well that's all for today!

OH yes I must put up that other part to the Malice Mizer movie!

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