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Saturday, August 9, 2008

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How is everyone? I'm great! I had an amazing night last night with Chastity! ^.^ lol We was outside on my sister's swing thing and me and Chastity had a little fun on it if you get what I'm saying! XD lol Then we dressed up and cosplayed! Lol I have pictures and for those of you who are my friends on myspace can go and see them! lol then later that night Chastity tied me to my bed! XD And she blindfolded me! XDDD It was amazing I couldn't see or tell what she was doing. XDD Gah! She made me bleed bad!!! XDDDDDDD I was almost gushing blood! But heck it was all worth it! Gah! I fucking loved every second of it. lol AND YES I FUCKING LIKE TO PUT MY PERSONAL SHIT OUT THERE! XP Chastity's a fucking GOD like that! ^.^ Well that's all for today! I'll post part to of the video tomarrow! Sorry if you guys like it!



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