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Friday, August 8, 2008

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How is everyone? I'm great! Thank you guys for you compliments! ^.^ Anyways lol I'm excited because there's a good chance that Chastity's staying with me tonight!!! *Google eyes* I really hope so I miss her so much! Even though it's just been a week it feels like forever! lol

My sister's start school again next week. Monday I believe. lol Haha they only have 2 more days! lol I never have to go back! LOL!! But anways...OMG I watched this Malice Mizer thing last night!Gah! O.O IT WAS MALICE MIZER VAMPIRE GOODNESS!!!! It was soooo smexy!!! I'll pst the first video today!

Video 1 of 8

It's soo smexy!!! gah! Oh sorry Gackt fans this is later Malice Mizer with Kalha! But it's still just is H-OOO-TA! LOL





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