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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Current mood: good
Current song: Tears
CUrrent band: X Japan


How is everyone? I'm good! I'm just sitting here watching Golden Girls! And listening to X Japan. I love X Japan! Thanks soo much for the compliments! ^.^ But anyways! Things here have been quit stressful lately since I've came back! I've cried just about everyday Since I came back Sunday. My family really hurts me you know. They call me names and everything and like to compare me to my good for nothing cousin who mooches off my mamow and leaves to stay with his good for nothing girlfriend. At least I visit and I do take care of my sisters. T.T Gah! And last night I did my laundry and all hell broke loose. My mom just started screaming telling me that I should do other people's clothes too. but the thing is....They don't do mine! ANd she took my cloths out of the washer and threw them on the ground. T.T And I told Chastity about it. Chastity was soo pissed. She said she's tired of hearing about me crying or hearing me actually cry. She told me that I was good of a person to be treated that way! T.T I love Chastity soo much! I don't know what I'd do with out her. She's my world and my everything! Well I'm going to go! Thank you guys soo much for caring enough to come by and see me!




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