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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Current mood: good
Current song: tsumi to batsu
current band: Dir En Grey!!!

Konnichiwa! how is everyone? I'm good! I've fixed up my site alittle! I was tired of going to haloscan.com and deleting my comments over and over so I decided to just do this! ^.^V lol Do you like it? So I see that you all kinda enjoyed my post! lol And yes Sayoko I like posting that stuff! lol XD! I'm sorry if I'm that open with some things! There's alot you guys still don't know about me. I'm usually a very sweet and nice person. But if you piss me off I can be the worlds biggest bitch! So I don't sugest pissing me off! Thank you anyways! I got hide glasses!!!

Do you like em?! I Love them! Chastity told me that I look soo kawaii in them! ^.^ *dances*

Since our trip back Chastity's been extremely loving towards me! I LOVE IT!! ^.^ I love her so much! I'm so happy I have her in my life!



bye bye!


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