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Monday, July 21, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: The Revenant Choir
Current band: Versailles


How is everyone? I'm great! ^.^ I'm bored is all! My mom left the modum today so I get to update alittle early! I only got 4 comments yesterday! I'd like think those that do care enough to come and see me! I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment as much as I used! Mom has grounded me off the internet so I'm going to try and comment everyone before she get's home! If I don't get to you it means she's came home and I could comment! XDDD I'm truly sorry about that!


I can't wait until next week! I'm going to Florida! *dances* I get to go to Disney world!!! AGAIN! Chastity's soo sweet to take me and pay my way and everyting! I'm so grateful! I don't know what I'd do with out her! I love her soo much! lol Gah! I want ride roller coasters soo bad! Gah! I love it! lol ^.^ I think we are also goingt to Sea world too! I hope so! *dances* And Chastity's family is paying my way in everything! I kinda feel bad because I can't pay them back! I'd love to someday! And I'm not going to do that by telling them I'm dating there daughter! XDDDD That would be crazy! Even though Chastity's dad walked in on us! XD Long story I I rather not get into! Lol But anyways! lol oh and I believe we are also going to St. Augistine! I love that place sooo much! I'd love to live there!

Well I'm going to go!


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