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Friday, July 18, 2008

Current Mood: good
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Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I'm good! I Love to think for those that commented me yesterday! And thank you guys for answering my questions!

Yes I get to update early today! ^.^ I'm soo happy! ^.^ Lol Mom left the modum today! lol

Oh Today makes 1 year and 1 month for me and Chastity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances* I love her sooo much! I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have her in my life! I'm so grateful and happy I have her!! I love Chastity!!!!

I only got two comments! yesterday! So I'm going to post some more questions! XD I like what people answers are! lol

Well that's all for today! ^.^V

Much love


1.) What's your favorite color?
2.) What's your favorite game?
3.) Who is your best friend on MyO?
4.) What's you're orientation?
5.) Do you think gay marrage should be legal?
6.) (I know this was already asked yesterday so) What do you think about me?

My answers
1. Black and pindk
2. FF7
3. I don't have just one! XD
4. ...*blink* YOu all know what I am! XDDD
5. Of course I do!
6. I can't answer!

Thank sooo much for answering! And commenting!

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