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Friday, July 11, 2008

Current Mood: NyApPy!?! ^.^V
Current song: Nyappy in The world
Current band: An Cafe


How is everyone? I'm happy today and I don't even know why!?! lol I love Chastity! lol She's soo sweet! *Dances* I'm a weee bit hyper tooO! lol!!! So what is everyone up too?!? ^.^ Lol

I don't have anything to talk about! lol *thinks* I fixed my sister's site up for her! It's Yura-Sama from Psycho le Cemu! lol ^.^V Yura and Aya are my faveys! lol I'm bored! Gah!

My aunt Kay is coming in and XP I want Chastity to come stay the night with me! My guinea pig is tickling my arm!?! XD Her name is Toshiya?! lol Yes I named her from The Bass player of DIr En Grey! lol

Well ttyl


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