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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

current mood: Good
Current song: Kronos
current band: Psycho le cemu


Sorry I'm not updating as early as I used to! It's because my mom has been taking the modum with her to work with her. >.<' I've been listening to ALOT of Psycho le Cemu! I love it!!! They are awesome!! Tell me what you think of them?! too bad they've disbanden in 2006. T.T But Yura-Sama and Lida are now in Dacco together and Aya and Seek are in Mix Speakers Inc. I'll put a video of both bands for you! ANd My new one I've made about decated to Kyo!!!! ^.^


Innocent World by Mix Speakers Inc

Now last be not least!!
MY VIDEO!!!!!!

About: KYO
Music by Korn Adidas

Please comment my video if you have a youtube account!!!

Well that's about it!! ttyl!!!!


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