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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: Mizerable
Current band: Gackt!


How is everyone? I'm good! I bet you all are wondering why I've made I've made this all normal?! Well Haloscan.com isn't working and that's how I get my comment box. So until it works again. My site will be like this! lol what do you think? Isn't Kawaii (cute)?! ^.^V Lol Oh I made a Video! I'll put up!

Here you go?!


I made it last night! And if you have a youtube account please go and comment it! No one ever comments my videos!! T.T

I downlaoded a ass load of Jrock videos yesterday and I clipped them together to make it! lol


I won't be on much after tomarrow. Because My family's going to Ohio and I'll be with Chastity! ^.^V I love her soooooooo much! I'm excited! Oh and Fridays' Gackt's birthday!! Yay! Happy birthday to Gackt! Just in case I can't tell him! lol

WEll g2g

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