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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: Mizerable
current band: Gackt

Konnichiwa! How are you all today? I'm good! ^.^ I'm just sitting here. I'm bored! Gah! I don't have anyithing to talk about really. I made Xaos his layout. And it seems to be a hit! ^.^V That makes me happy! AND YES I'M EXCEPTING LAYOUT REQUESTS!!! I love making layouts! You have no idea! ^.^ I'm working on a new one for me...Well It's not new it was made for my other site a LONG time ago! This new one is...wait I'll make it a surprise. ^.^ lol Well I'm going to go for now!

IF you want a layout I need to know this
  • What colors?

  • What do you want the theme to be

  • What's your email?

  • (The email is so I can give you the coding!)
  • Which friends do you want on there?

  • Well ttyl

    Much love


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