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Monday, June 9, 2008

Current Mood: Good
current song: Mizerable
current band: Gackt


How is everyone? I'm good! ^.^ Just sitting here on the phone talking to Chastity! ^.^ I'm soooooo happy she's home! *dances* I love her soo mucH! Lol ^.^ Well I don't have much to talk about! Oh yeah...in 8 more days is mine and Chastity's 1 year anniversary!!!! I'm sooooooooooooo EXCITED!!! I'm soo happy! I love her with allllllllllll my heart!!!

WEll that's all I have to talk a bout!

Well g2g


Oh and

Xaos: I finished your layout!
Mad Hatter Belia: I'll make you a new layout I just need to know the theme and what not!!!

Well that's all ttyl

I'm fixing to delete people off my friends list UNLESS They comment me frequently!!!

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