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Saturday, May 24, 2008

current mood: okay
current song: Fuzz
current band: MUCC

Konnichiwa! Sorry for my random emoness yesterday! XD I had a very bad day! Just about all day long I was called a failure. I felt like one too...T.T Sorry.


In Better new...I think...I'm alot better now. ^.^ I talked to Jade...AKA....SOMEGIRL. She helped me! Thank you! And Thank you everyone for your comments! ^.^ *smiles* I'm soo happy I have good friends like you guys!

Even though I don't always get to comment you all back! I feel bad for it! I try too...but It doesn't always work how I plan for it! So I'll do my best to do so!

WEll I am going to go!


~MuCh LoVe~


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