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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: Road
current band: Gackt

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I'm good! I just woke up! I'm alone yet again! XD Is it bad to say that I've only been out of school for 3 days and I've already kinda miss it! XD I mean I miss going to see my friend. Not the school! FUck Gibbs! XD But anyways! I'm bored! Oh guess who added me on MYspace!?!?! GACKT!!! He added me! I have Toshi (X Japan), Yoshiki (X Japan), DIR EN GREY, Pata (X Japan), X Japan, An Cafe, Mix Speaker Inc, Alice Nine, MUCC, Gurgumesh, Gazette, and Mivayi!!!! And some other bands! And these are offical myspaces! lol ^.^ I love it!!!!! lol I'm so bored right now! Oh I had changed my myspace layout again! XD It's now Queen of the Damned! XD I usually don't change it that much! But I felt like it! XD So I did! lol Well I am going to go!

If you'd love ot find me on My space...my URL is



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