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Monday, May 19, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: Gekka No Yasoukyaku
current band: Malice Mizer

Konnichiwa! I'm at home all by my self! I just got off the phone with Chastity! I love Chastity! ^.^ I'm so bored too! Everyone is at work and at school! I don't have anywhere to go! lol! So I'm stuck here at home! XD I've been updating my myspace. I've had the same layout for over a 4 months now! XD SO I made it Rainbow Brite! Lol I like RainbowBrite! It was Kuramai-Chan! *smiles* So what is everyone up today? Oh you guys remember how I told you one of my old friends got a hold of me...she's suppost to come in an see me soon! Chastity doesn't like her much! Because she left a comment on one of my photos and called me sexy! And Chastity was like *EVIL GLARES* That's my Lil' Shuichi! XD OH I LOVE CHASTITY!!!!!!!!!!! SHE MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY! Well I'm going to go! ttyl


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