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Sunday, May 18, 2008

current mood: GREAT
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Konnnichiwa! How is everyone!? And thanks for the wonderful comments! ^.^ lol Today is mine and Chastity's ll month anniversary! Yay! lol *dances* I love her so much! lol ^.^ She makes me so happy! So how is everyone? I'm so in love! *smiles*

We went shopping today! Lol I had 150 dollars! and I got me two dvds, DOMO , a belt and a wallet....a GOTHIC LOLITA BIBLE! And some other stuff and I now have 68 dollars left. *dances* I Love it! lol Chastity got this Jacket and she looks sooo sexy in it! lol OMG IT MAKES ME ALL GAH! Sorry lol! XD

Well I must be going!



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