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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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How is everyone? I am good! I'd love to say Happy Earth Day everyone! ^.^ Chastity is all about Earth Day. She made me toast that was in the shape of a tree! lol It was soo cute! Chastity cooks for me all the time! I love it when she cooks! She's really good at it! ^.^ I got 5 comments yesterday. Lol I'm in 3rd period right now. I would've updated during 2nd like I noramlly do but we had to do a presentation on our websites that we made! Mine was of Kyo! ^.^ My teacher told me that My website wasa the most advance layout! I was also the only one with music! Gah! I'm so hungry! lol

Omg! Me and Chastity was walking down the hall to my class a few minutes ago. And there was this guy named Chris behind us. And this guy tells me all the time about how "hot" I am. XD And we was walking and stuff the Chastity noticed grabbed me and was like "My Jessica"! Aww That's soo Kawaii! lol You know it's funny when people tell me I'm hot. I get told that I'm cute more then anything! lol! lol I don't really know why! lol

Well I am going to! I shall talk to you all later! ttyl



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