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Monday, April 14, 2008

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How is everyone today? I'm great! Sorry I hadn't updated over the weekend! I have a good reason too...I was with Chastity all weekend! I had a blast! ^.^

I'll tell you what happen! ^.^

Friday....I was at her house and then I left and the I had to take my sisters to see my "dad" I hate my Dad...but anyways then I went to Chastity's! I was like Yay! ^.^ We made cupcakes and watched Norbit and then we went to bed.

Saturday we woke up and I took a shower. ^.^ Then her parents left somewhere and me and Chastity stayed behind. We watched To Wong Fu thanks for everthing Julia Newmar! I love that movie! The her parents came back and got us Burger King. Yummy!! ^.^ Then we went to the mall! It was fun! Then We came back to her house and left again to got to eat at Texas Road House. I got a STEAK! Yummy! lol Then we went to walmart and then we got back and watched tv and stuff and then her parents went to bed and we layed on the couch snuggled up and watched practical magic. I started tickling Chastity and she was 0.0 lol it was funny! lol then we went to bed again and we yeah! It was fucking AMAZING! ^.^

The next morning I woke up and was sooo sore from the night before! Trust me if you knew what me and Chastity was into you'd understand why I was so sore. Then we went to waffle house and eat. and Then we drove around the old part of town. And then They took me home. ^.^ I loved ever second I spent with her.

It was the best weekend ever! ^.^

Well I guess I shall go!


Much love


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