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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: Ain't afraid to die by Dir En Grey

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? To answer the comments....I have heard about An Cafe...T.T I don't want Bou to leave! T.T I love Bou! He's smexy and one of my idols! Gah! I even have a hair cut like bou's! Gah! hey I should really show you guys that picture...hold on I'll go find it! They are on my "myspace" so I'll try and get them off....Sorry I can't get the URL on a public library! >.< STUPID PUBLIC LIBRARY COMPUTER!!! *Throws it!* Gah! NeWho! Gah! I find myself thinking about Kyo ALOT lately...and It's odd only cuz I feel like somethings wrong....like he's hurt....I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT! GAH! T.T I love Kyo! GaH! Newhoo...I AM going to run! Ttly! Bye Bye

Love ya all!


THANKS TO: Momo and Tigerfantasy17...Thanks soo much for always commenting! Love you guys!


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