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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Current Mood: Good!
Current Song: The Fatal believer by DIrU

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! Just a wee bit bored...I just got back from the mall with Chastity. We went to get Manson's new Cd "Eat me Drink Me". She got the first Copy and I got the 2nd! ^.^ lol! So how is everyone? I went to dollywood Saturday with Chastity! OMG! That friday when I spent the night with Chastity's mamow...omG! guess what happen! Let's just say...I know why lesbains are lesbains! ^.^ Well G2g! ttyl!

Ashiteru yo!

This is FOR KYO! Since I haven't talked about him in soo long!


Alias: Kyo
Why? : Hates his true name, so he has taken the first three letters of his hometown and his favorite kanji letter to form his new persona.
Nickname : Warumono (bad/mean guy)

Position in DEG: Vocalist
Birthdate : February 16, 1976
Blood Type : B
Height : Anywhere from 5' to 5'3" (160cm)
Weight : 44kg
Hometown : Kyoto
Pet Peeves: To be called Kawaii or -chan
Likes: Anime (Gundam), Video Games, Collecting figurines (Action Figures), Sleeping
Smokes: JPS, Phillip Morris
Favorite Month : April (month of Sakura Watching)
Favorite Sport : None (believes the world would be a better place without sports)

His Horoscope : Aquarius (The Water Pourer)
Virtue: Service to Humanity
Vice: Group is more important than the Individual.
Principle: Freedom
The Sun in the element of air... stimulated mentally, detached perspective... Motivated and recharged by intellectual concepts, social interchanges and the communication of ideas and/or ideals... The element of air (barring other factors) tends to produce a fairly active mind. The world is approached with reason and everything (everyone) is open to analysis.

Aquarius generates a friendly, people-oriented mental energy. Unconventional, friendly, unpredictable and innovative are all characteristics of Aquarius. You thrive on originality and may be a bit rebellious. You may even be considered a wee bit eccentric.

Aquarius values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Aquarius values humanity and enjoys living in a world of detached intellect. And inventive Aquarian energy (at its best) is channeled through creative theoretical constructs which can be used for the purpose of bringing about the greater social good.

His Peronality
Dare we explore the shadows of Kyo? It is hard to figure out kyo since he is known to lie in interviews. I am going to start off comparing his personality to that of the Horoscope above. It is his stimulated and active mind that give us such wonderful lyrics to ponder and enjoy. His Lyrics are one of a kind and travel deep into the human condition. It is his creative poetry that enlightens all of us that bother to read and try to figure it out.

I wouldn't exaclty call Kyo friendly, due to his dark moods and bad temper, but there is a joking side to him. When he is with the other members of the band, he is laughing and telling jokes. I read somewhere (I cannot remember where) that Kyo dropped a microphone and both he and Toshiya bent to pick it up. Well they bumped heads, and while the others found it funny, Kyo was embarrassed and smoldering. I think it is because of his being easily embarrassed that he has such a quick temper. He believes strongly in having confidence in who you are and in what you do, but maybe there is something down deep in him that he is not so confident in. I dunno. Just guessing here.

His lyrics and appearance are evidence of his originality. Kyo refuses to compromise in anything and seeks out to be different from others, showing us his rebellious ways. It is his way or the highway. How do I know this? When asked in an interview what the others thought of his lyrics, he responded that they left the lyrics up to him so they didn't say much of anything. He pretty much sees things in black and white. He claims to have been this difficult since primary school. Kyo stated in an interview, "At first sight, if I like or dislike, I will feel that way till the end...."

In short, a lot of his Aquarian attributes are reflected in his music. Kyo is all about his music, his band members, and his fans.

He does not like going home. He feels alone and depressed there. He prefers the company of his fellow band members and the staff.

What do you think? His personality and his Zodiac sign are very close together. Does he believe in them? Nope. He actually avoids looking at his horoscope so that they cannot ruin his day. Go figure.

In the end, Kyo is a complicated, energetic, unique, and maddening little guy that likes to bounce around the stage like a mad man and bless us with a smile if you look quick enough. I love this guy and admire him for all of his talent and peculiarities. Long Live Kyo!

His Appearance
Kyo goes back and forth from sexy to grotesque. Quite often he dresses to terrify, using thick make up, spiked hair, and many piercings. Spitting out stuff that simulates blood or vomit is a great part of this version of him. (I remember watching one of the tour dvd's offered by Dir en Grey, and the staff covered the upper half of his body with this stuff that was meant to crumble after it had dried and he started moving around. It was amusing watching him walk down the hallway trying not to mess it up before he got to the stage.)Kyo's appearance is really important to him. He feels that some Jrock groups have given visual kei a bad stereotype, so he strives to make the appearance of himself and that of Dir en Grey different.

Kyo's outfits have gone from the traditional kimono to suits to street clothes. My favorite of them all is the overalls with the dragon on the pant leg and no shirt *rowr*. Even though the white make up coats his somewhat plain features and creates a beautiful being, I quite frankly prefer him all natural. He is better looking when he looks like himself instead of dressing up like a mime (please take no offense) or a zombie. It seems more personable.

His hair is blonde most of the time, but it has been black and red, or both. He wears it long and down or short and spikey, depending on what he is wearing and what facade he is trying to put forth. His true eye color is brown, but he is partial to his pale blue contacts. It gives him a more frightening look. Especially when he wears the black make up around his eyes.

Kyo's outfits vary from song to song, concert to concert. Depending on what you like I think Dir en Grey has a little bit of everything for everyone who enjoys music, even if you cannot understand the words (that is what the internet is for).

His Performance
Screaming at the top of his lungs. Bouncing around the stage. Head banging along with the crowd. These are all aspects of Kyo's performance on the stage. Some would say his performance is pure violance, while others find it invigorating. He is full of energy and emotion that he releases on the stage and in the studio. And it is effective. All of this energy and emotion spreads throughout the audience of dedicated fans, making the concert one hell of an experience. If you watch their live concerts, it is obvious that the everyone there is into the music and what is going on up on the stage. I love it!

The most unique thing about Kyo's performance is his hands and expressions. His face never stays the same. His hands have expressions of their own. Together they tell a story along with the music.

Then we come to his talented voice. The major part of his performance. How many people do you know that can scream, choke, whisper, laugh, and growl all in one song. He lets out the rage of his songs with full force and then moves to a soft whisper as the rage calms down. The song ZAN is the best example (in my opinion) of Kyo's various vocal talents. Not bad for someone who had never had vocal training, huh?

Kyo hates the fact that his body is unable to handle all of this. His energy and voice. A while back, his ears began to bleed and he was forced to take a break. Kyo loathes this, but it does not slow him down in the least.

In short, Kyo's list of talents is a bit taller than he is.

Kyo's Motto

"Not to lie to myself, and should be confident."

Gah I love you Kyo!

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