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Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am just sitting here watching everyone act like fucking idoits! Me and Chastity are the only ones with some sence! Gah! >.<' So I decided to go back to the basics on my site! Do you like? Yeah..I missed how it was before! I'll go back to my layout thingys...someday! ^.^ Gah! I am bored! Gah! I am going to Chastity's mamows and staying the night tomarrow! ^.^ Yay! ^.^ I can't wait! ^.^ Yay! GET YOUR GUNN by Marilyn Manson! ^.^ lol....omg...now Chastity put on the emo kid song! Oh yeah...TODAY'S MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! lol! Chastity is calling New Jeremy the emo kid! lol! I am bored! Gah! >.< EVERYONE NEEDS TO START COMING BACK TO MY SITE! GAH! Well I g2g! I love you all


P.S. Bou...Chastity wrote that note~

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