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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Current Mood: GooD!
Current song: Tears by X Japan

HOw is everyone? I am good! I am just coming by to update then I am going to help my site on here myspace! I am happy because Jeffree Star add me as a friend On my space! Yay! I love Jeffree Star! ^.^ Oh and Tetsuya from X Japan add me as a friend too! ^.^ yay! Gah! I am soo happy! Now I am waiting on An Cafe and X Japan and Yoshiki to add me too! Have you heard of Tadahisa Yoshida? He's soo fuckin Smexy! he add me as a friend on myspace! ^.^ yay! Omg his voice is soo sexual! Gah! I love him! I am getting addicted to this Myspace stuff! But MyOtaku will always be my favorite! ^.^ Because I have all my favorite Jrock friends here! ^.^ Oh and if you all have a myspace come find me!! ^.^ Well G2g! ttyl Ashiteru yo!



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Tadahisa Yoshida

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