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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Current Mood:good!
Current Song: Fantasy by Alice Nine!

Konnichiwa! How are you all today? I am great! So What have I missed? I am eating Pocky right now! Yum! I love Pocky! STRAWBERRY POCKY!!! My favorite! Ahh it's thundering! >.< NO NEVER!!! THUNDER SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME! CHASTITY ALWAYS MAKES FUN OF ME BECAUSE OF IT! >.< Gah! Momo! WOMAN YOU NEED TO CALL ME!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!! I heard L'arc~en~Ciel's new song Jiyuueno Shoutai! IT's awesome! Hyde's soooo smexy! But not as smexy as Kyo! I am soo bored! Gah! I have so many things on my mind! >.< Gah! I am not saying why, but if you are wondering...then just PM me! ^.^ Everyone at school tells me I look like an ASIAN with BLUE eyes!! OMG! I was called Asian! ^.^ lol! OMG I was talking to this Japanese chick at the CHINESE restorant! She was speaking Japanese to me nad I spoke it back and I under stood her! I am soo proud of myself! ^.^ Well G2g! Ashiteru yo!



Shout outs!

Bou: I found your layout on Photobucket! I hope you don't care! Sorry! I thought it was soooo pretty! ^.^ I love you!


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