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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Konnichiwa! ^.^

Current Mood: Good
Current Song: The Fatal believer by dir en grey!

Konnichiwa! I am soo happy today! I talked to Darrel and we are okay....and I am just happy! Gah! I was playing with my ds chat room thingy today! It's fun! Lol! I want to talk to Chastity...gah! She's in class and as always am in the libary at school! WITH PLANK! Yay! ^.^ I love my Plank! I got POCKY!! I love Pocky too! Gah! I am bored! I am sooo gah! Let's see...him....Has anyone ever watched the move Party monster..? it's awsome! Gah! I love Dir en grey! OMG! I got Plank hooked on Diru! She loves aggitated screams of Maggots! lol! Me too! I love it! Gah! I am going to listen to The Marrow of a Bone on my way home today! lol! Gah! Oh and I did get the CD the day it came out! I love it! My mom suprised me and got it for me! Yay! I tackled her! I love DIr En Grey! KYO!! KYO KYO! KYO KYO! I LOVE KYO!! lol! Gah! I am bored! Gah! I have got 3 minutes until I must go! OH NO!!! IT'S RAINING!! >.< I hate Rain! Gah! >.< But Chastity loves it! Well I g2g! I shall talk to you all later! Love ya bye

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