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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Current Mood: HAPPY!
Current Song: Gardenia by Malice Mizer

Konnichiwa! I am at school in the libary so this will be short! I miss making longer post thou! T.T Gah! I am so Happy! Yet Confused! I feel like my relationship with darrel is crumbling beneath my feet...and my relationship with chastity is gettitng better! Gah! >.< I hate this! I love Darrel soo muc hand I don't want to lose him! >.< But anyways! Thanks for your comments! ^.^ I am soo bored! Gah! I got one minute until I am supost to be in class! But I don't care! I haven't updated in along time! So tell me everyone, What have I missed! Gah! OH yeah...before I forget....


But anyways! Yeah..gay day! Me and Plank started a new holiday! ^.^ Planks right here beside me right now! lol! Well I g2g! Love ya all lotz!


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