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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Subject: Konnichiwa!

Current mood: good!
Current song: Cage by dir en grey

How is everyone? I am great of course! Sorry it has took so long to get on! ^.^ Gah! I get to almost every saturday! ^.^ Gah! But still come by my site! I talked to Bou (CrimsonRose) on the phone last night! She's on her way to Georgia for the the Diru concert! T.T I don't get to go! I drove all the way down there to get tickets for them to be sold out! >.< GRRR! I want my KYo!! grr! Oh well so today...I am wearing my dir en grey shirt and all I am listening to is Diru! ^.^ And when I got home I am locking my self in my room and doing nothing but listen to the sweet sound of Kyo's beautiful voice! ^.^ Lol well anyways... Chastity is home now and she missed this whole week of school! Gah! >.< Grr! I miss her alot! I am going to try and get a hold of her today! ^.^ Everything is great with me and Darrel! He made me a Jrock mix cd! It's got Diru and Gazette and Malice Mizer on it! ^.^ yay! It's even got Gardenia!! ^.^ YAY!! Well I am going to go! Ttyl! ^.^ Sayanora!

Ashiteru yo

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