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Saturday, March 27, 2010

AMV Saturday Fun!
Hi you guys^^ Spring is coming, I can feel it! Can you? I really don't have all that much to write today and I didn't want to put much. I just wanted to share the sweetest, sweetness, cute, adorable Owl City AMV I found with the anime Romeo and Juliet in it! I didn't know they had a Romeo and Juliet anime @.@ Wish we coulda watched that in English class instead of reading the story, although the story was quite sweet! Do you guys have a Romeo that's stolen your heart, or a Juliet too for that matter? The song is Vanilla Twilight and actually the music video just came out for it on YouTube. When I watched it and Shaq was in it, who's the really tall basketball player I was like..o.o Why is he in this..But none the less! I guess (I forgot who the main singer in Owl City's name is)...yes, that guy! ^^; I guess that guy wrote this for his girlfriend that passed away...? Or so I heard? If you don't like the AMV though, or you think you have a better one, show it to me! I love finding new ones! Have fun, take care, and have a great weekend! See you on Monday! -Steph

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