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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/14/06:

Image hosting by TinyPic Image hosting by TinyPic Image hosting by TinyPic LASTEXILE The story begins were the explosion from Delphine’s Guild ship. Some how… Alex is still alive, even though in the icy snow, felling the coldness on his face and body. His body still tangled up in Delphine’s rose vines. The vines still piercing his body. His face layed flat in the snow. Alex trys to turn over so he can breathe. His arms shake from lack of energy. But he finally gets turned over. Now Alex looked up at the sky, looking how beautiful the sky looks. He remembers the days with Euris, Alex desides to sit up in the snow. He trys to untangle himself from the rose vines. Some how he gets the vines from his body. Some places on his body was bleeding from were some of the vines were dug into his skin. Alex looks a pone the wreckage from Delphine’s ship. He remembers holding Delphine in his hand… strangling her to dead… Vengenes is sweet in ways… But now Delphine is truly dead. And whispers Euris’s name softly… And he thinks, “why does Sophia look so much like Euris for? Why?” But back to reality here. “I need to get back near home. Wait, were is home? The Silvana was my real home, but for now I can’t go back there.” *sighs* Wait a sec. I can think about living in the old place were Clause and Laive used to live when they were little. Then a suddenly the thought of the past run though his mind. All of though thoughts almost threw him down to the cold ground. “There no way in heck I’m going there” he said in an anger tone of voice. “But seriously, I need to get out of this freak in snow, it’s to cold for me here.” Alex stumbled well he was walking. His mined in thought, and wonder. “I think I might want to try to find Walker. He might be able to help me out again.” There was a trail of foot steps from Alex and the wreckage… PART 1