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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

   omg yayz!
Yeah ive been gone for quite some time but im back...i guess...actually i just kinda ditched school today XD mwahaha!! well i have to watch my brother since he's sick still >_> so yeah i thought i'd change my theme and junk XP

I submitted some art a while ago while my site was turned off ._. and i've been working on a flash and i finished one XDDDD I want u guys to see it its weird haha

Where do we go from HEERE X_x by ~XxAerithXx on deviantART

O__o i hope it works....

anyways i hope everyones doing good!! ^__^ i missed being here ._. ok i'll stop here now lolz XD


1) What are you hoping you'll get for Christmas? =] [me: Im hoping i get a Wii O_o]

2) Are you gettin good grades in school? O.o [me: ^^; haha..not really....]

3) Do you think im a good friend? ._. [me: i guess...sometimes...*slaps self*]

ok byez!! X3 I'll see you guys on Corn Street! *huggles everyone* [I dont think theres such a thing as Corn Street btw...It sounds cool tho...]

--JJ ♥

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