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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

   Not grounded anymore!~ ^.^
i get to stay home today!! yay!! but the only reason why is cuz my brother is really sick >_> he's got the flu or something like that...it makes me really sad ;_; i hope he gets better soon...

Ok something totally random happend to me earlier...I had a 2 dreams about the guy that i like...and in both of those dreams, it was friday at skool. Then when i woke up i looked at my phone and i got a text from a friend. It was one of those chain letters >_> but then it sed "if u send this to 8 ppl u will get kissed by the person you like on Friday" Im like "O__O WOAH!! HE'S PSYCHIC!!...i really gotta make sure that happens ;D" so yeah...thats the ONLY time i will send a chain letter, or the only time i will take a moment to read one ^^; heh...but i guess thats probably not gonna happen cuz i duno if that guy likes me >_>

ANYWAYS...I've been watchin Lucky Star for some reason...Its a really weird anime >_> but i love it!! its just so...so cute!! @__@ I might change my theme to that someday...well i dun wanna type to much so i guess i'll try to be on more often, k? ^__^ see ya around!! and hope you all have a wonderful week and good luck all you pplz that are still in school!! O.o *huggles everyone*

--Aerith ♥

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