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Friday, October 5, 2007

ok so yeah ive been gone for a while...BLAME SCHOOL!! XD i've only had time to answer a few PM'z. I missed being here >_> sorry i havent been able to visit anyone...hopefully i can visit this weekend ._. I have to babysit my lil cousins so maybe i'll get a chance...OH! I learned the Hare Hare Yukai dance!! :D geez its so fun!! someday i'll upload a vid of me dancing haha.

I havent drawn much ._. i accepted invitations to 2 contests, but the 1st contest i kinda..didnt...draw...anything >_> IM SO SORRY!!! but this next contest ive gotta do cuz i havent entered a contest ever @__@

Oh yeah, I submitted a Nyoro~n comic a while ago :3 plz go see it!! its cute!! lolz i was really bored when i did that xD I think i might just make a contest for Nyoro~n comix...hhhmm...

well thats all i have for you today ^^; not very interesting ahaha...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! *huggles everyone* See ya around...hopefully ^.^;

--Aerith ♥

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