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Saturday, December 23, 2006

   2 more days!!
Couonting today, there are only two more days to wait until Christmas!! I can't wait! lol Hopefully it doesn't end up badly although I guarantee at least one thing will go really wrong. My week was pretty good except for the fact I was sick, I caught a sore throat from my sister which progessed into a cold and forced me to stay home yesterday. And the thing I hate the most, is not being able to do anything. All I could do was lay in my bed. It was horrible and I missed my health test but I can make that up. My sister brought home my math test and I got 100. ^_^ My teacher made a smiley face elf on it. That cheered me up. ^_^

Today we're going to see my mom's parents to give them their presents and then on Christmas eve my dad's parents are coming to give us our presents. Christmas we're going over my aunt's house to exchange presents with her and my cousins and then during vacation my friend's coming over to exchange presents. Remember my last post when I talked about my best friend not being able to come over? Well, her mom said that as long as her dad brings her, she can come over so I'm really exctied!

Well, since my dad's threatening to turn off the internet, I've got to go. My christmas card to you is below. I"ll get to sites when I get home,k I promise.

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