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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good morning everyone, how's life? As you have all probably noticed, I have been posting every other week instead of every weekend and I am so sorry for that but I'll probably be doing that a lot. There's not much new with me. School's pretty good, life in general's good, same old same old.

School: The only thing new is that we have an english project on the book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. We have to interview some of the characters from it and their answers have to be song clips so that's kind of fun. I've finished the Q and A part and I just need to record it now.

Life: My sister and I bought our friend some things for her 16th birthday and are celebrating it with her today so I won't be on in the afternoon. If you update in the morning though, I will be able to comment on your sites, and maybe a little bit later on after dinner.

Clubs: I made a new Kurama Fan Club banner since the old one was really blurry. My computer tends to blur the words if they're in a certain font and that's what happened to the old one. Any club members, you can add the new one shown below. I hope you like it!! ^_^

I'm also working on a freewebs site for my clubs so that should be up in a couple of weeks. I've been neglecting my clubs and I feel kind of bad so I'll definently start working on those things.

Other than that, there's absolutely nothing new. How is everyone? I want to know everything exciting that has happened to you all since the last time I posted. I've missed commenting on all of your sites. I don't get to do that too often anymore. But I did get to all of them the last time I posted and am planning to do the same today so I will talk to you all later when I comment on your posts. ^_^

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