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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Hey everyone, I am doing as I promised and am posting every Saturday. ^_^ I'm very proud of myself right now. Anyways, I'm typing this post up at night just before I go to bed so I'll talk about school. I like it, actually. My old health teacher is gone so I have a new one that's SO picky on what our notebook should look like. All the same exact type of paper, same colored ink, PLASTIC dividers that I had to go out and buy, and you can't get 100 on your notebook if you don't type your notes!! lol That felt good. Anyways, he's nice and I think I'll do ok. I have the same spanish teacher this year and I LOVE her, she is AWESOME. I also have spanish 7th again so that's good. My other classes are good, I have my first chemistry lab on Monday so we shall see how that goes. Of course, I have first lunch that day and no SLP but it's once a week. My sister is in two of my classes which is bad because I hate feeling dumber than her if only by a few points, but it is good to see her during the day. The other classes that I have are good, and I love the teachers. They all seem nice and this time, none of them tried to scare us off and make us drop down to something other than honors. I love my english teacher the most because she doesn't lower your grade for not raising your hand in class. I never raise my hand because I am shy, but you guys don't see that side too much because you're my online friends. Anyways, thanks for listening to the rant about school. Now I'm just trying to keep up with homework and get used to my new go to bed early, wake up early, routine. Nothing else new or exciting. I'm just so happy that it's the weekend!! ^_^

Anyone watching Bleach tonight? I am just to hear the english voices. I've watched up to episode 90 out of 95 so far. I'm going to finish them up this weekend. Well, with nothing else to say, thanks for reading this post!! I'll get to sites throughout the day!! ^_^

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