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Sunday, July 3, 2005

yesterday=boring There really isn't anything to say. Except, I got the computer back to work on my fan fiction and I have four chapters typed into the computer but only two of them are available under my quizilla account. My user name is beybladegirl22 in case you want to read them. The first two are REALLY boring so you'll have to wait until I get ratings until you can read the next two.

Today, I'm going to my aunt's house to celebrate the birthdays of my grandmother and cousin. Then, later I think we're going to see fireworks with two friends. Again, I'm not going to be able to see my boyfriend. I'll probably just walk to his house today because I won't be able to see him until probably Thursday because I'm doing a lot of junk all summer. Anyways, sorry to bore you. C ya!!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Ok, now to fill you in. Yesterday, I told my parents that I was going out with this kid and they thought so. Gosh, they are so darn observant. Other than that, boring day. I was on the phone with my friend until a little past midnight last night and can't use the phone again today. Can't use the computer because I was on it all morning. I'm trying to get my picture up today and then if I can get that done, I will be happy. Then I'll just read all day or take a walk and see my boyfriend at his house. Hope you guyes have an awesome day. I better go before I get in a ton of trouble. C ya!!

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Friday, July 1, 2005

Yesterday was a lot of fun hangin' out with my friends. My friend couldn't find one book for me to read so instead of going home empty handed, or with 15 books, I managed to get home with only four. (These books are huge by the way). I have a LOT of summer reading to get to.
I finally found my ring after searching my WHOLE entire room, only to find it was in my back pack because apparently I took it off in school. yay me!! All of the work but I finally found it!!
Sorry that I didn't get to all sites yesterday. I wasn't allowed to use the computer because I swore. That's why I only got to the people who updated before noon.
Today I will be reading, and working on my story. But I will make the time to get to some sites.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today is the first day of summer!! yay!! I really miss my friends, especially the ones that I can never talk to again. Because I'm going to the regular high school and most of my friends are going to one of the other two high schools. I cried last night and I feel so much better. I am able to get on with my life, even though I dwell in the past WAY too much!! I'm going out to a movie with my sister and two friends today at around one, so that should be fun. What a nice way to start out the summer, right? Other than that, commenting on EVERONE'S sites for once which is a huge improvement, and reading. Then waiting for the paper boy (My boyfriend who I've known since kindergarten and my good friend). hehe My parents don't know that we're going out. I was going to tell them yesterday but I heard my mom say that she was moving out because she couldn't live with me anymore. Recently it's so effing been her fault. Oh well, we'll see what'll happen. g2g dad needs the comp.

EDIT (8:47 AM): My sister is going to have no life this summer because she'll be babysitting forever. She's babysiting from 8:30 until the movie today and for countless other times. She's getting paid really good though. Maybe I should get some job. But what jobs can a 14 year old girl get on her summer vacation?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I just graduated eighth grade!! I miss my friends SO much!! I'm never going to see most of my friends EVER again!! I am so sad right now. I think that I'm going to go and cry right now. Summer's here. I miss Josh, and Brandon, and Micaela, and Frank, and Mary and everyone!! T_T

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today was the second to last day of school!! Tomorrow is the last day of eighth grade!! I'm going to cry!! Most of my friends are leaving me!! One is moving, one is going to a charter school, and a ton are going to the other two high schools that we can chose from. My boyfriend (we'll always be friends because we've known each other since kindergarten) is going to the same school that I am and like five of my friends are but that's it. Wish me luck tomorrow. It's evil field day and I swear that I will cry. T_T

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Monday, June 27, 2005

I am so mad right now. My team went on a field trip on a whale watch and I thought I would have fun and I did, just being out on the ocean. The fact that everyone ditched me wasn't that bad. Then my so called "friends" were playing with my cards and I went up to the top deck of the boat and then they came up, and for the second time left them without putting them away. Then I went down to get them and they were gone and they had the nerve to say that it was my fault and they weren't responsable when they so effing were!! I am so mad at them!! Other than that, today was ok. Don't feel like telling you the rest.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday already. I can't believe it. Tomorrow my team is going on a whale watch for our last field trip. That should be fun.

Now to fill you in on yesterday, my friend invited me to the mall and my dad convinced my mom to let me go alone. ^_^ Then our other friend came and it was more fun. But my first friends boyfriend came so she ditched us. We both bought clothes also. I got two shirts. The first one says, 'I didn't forget....I just don't care' and the second one said, 'Don't give me your attitude I already have one'. They are so perfect for me. lol Oh, and I got my book!! 'A Wizard's Holiday' it's the 7th book in the series and it came in paperback about a month ago. ^_^ I can't wait to finish the book that I'm on so that I can start reading it.

Lastly, sorry for the chain letters you guyes. I don't normally send them, but I just had a feeling that I should send this one. I'm am extremely sorry to those of you who are superstitious and spend a while trying to send them. Also, if you don't want to get them and you don't apreciate it. I am prepared to get many mean PMs back. Thank you to all who don't mind. You guyes rock. ^_^ I promise I will not send any more. As I already said, I usually don't send them at all.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Today is Saturday!! yay!! The dance was a lot of fun. I got my hair done and I had my outfit on and I went with my friend. My sister didn't go, so it was just me and my friends which was a good thing and I'll tell you why. My sister tells my parents everything even if I don't want her to, and if I told her that I danced with this guy and am going out with him, she would tell for sure. I don't know what my parents' reaction will be but I really don't want them to know. (I've known him since kindergarten and he's our paper boy). Mom likes him though so it's a good thing. I'm so excited though, I can't even stand it!! lol That's all for now. I'll tell you about today in tomorrow's post.

Only two and a half more days of school!! ^_^ And I WILL get to sites today. Once again, FINALLY!! ^_^

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Tonight is the grad dance for the eighth graders. I'm going, my sister is not. I don't really want to go and am sitting in front of the computer not getting ready. I better go even though I don't want to. I'll be on at 10:30 or 11 when I get back. I'm wearing a skirt, not a stupid dress and yepp....that's all. Better go before mom kills me. Peace out. lol I always wanted to say that. ^_^

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