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Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Time:11:14 a.m.
Date:July 19th 2007
Mood:uhhg. @_@

Okies..Hey thereeerez =]
Okies, dokies. So I diid manage to reach everyone's site yesterday, so I got home around
3 yesterday the lady there was actually fairly
rude =/ but whatever I guess. lol

So when I got home, I got to rest for 3 yrs? no..
2 hrs. lol, Sat there playing FFX xD keh keh keh
I dislike Seymour if you guys know what I'm talking about
Then left around 5 to go buy more stuffs to decorate the housey
Got home around 9:40 p.m. @_@ I was staarrvving
Since I didn't get to eat much yesterday,
cept a banana and some..ummmm...right Kisses
lol =]. Then around..10 I believe...the whole
neighborhood's electricity went out
I was sitting in my room. and OMFG
I hate the dark soooo much
I was so scared to the point that I was literally
crying my eyes out. @_@ it's like...darkaphobia
x.x but yea...I had to call my dad on my cell phone to take me downstairs cuz I was so scared that I couldn't move. I was sitting in a corner
This is kinda what you get when you watch too
many scary movies. [laughs a bit]

So it seems everyone updated today. lol ^_^
Welps, I guess I'll go visit sites now. woot woot
kks. Love you guys!!
and my bed comes tomorrow and my BFF is coming
back from NY today. YAY!
=] kks

oh yea. I forgot. lol here's one of my char descrip. =] It's 1 pg. long so I'm sorry. @_@
and....Oh yea. the words in [ ] are just my thoughts and I tend to talk to myself alot @_@
xD kks. here ya goes!!


"Sota Ai: A fairytale love"

Character developement Page 1:
*Name : Arata Hikari
*Meaning : New Light - Beginning of a new day, new start "The Rising Sun"
*Gender : Male
*Age : 17 [sounds pretty right (still thinking bout age get back to it asap)] 18?
*Height : 6 ft 1 in

-Some could call him an angel, when he passes by
(some could call him a devil himself in disguise once they know him for a bit)
[thinking bout that line ^]
His eyes...such a color so odd from everyone else, orange with a hint of yellow within them like the burning sun.
His hair, layered but uneven sitting at shoulder length, color red but you could also tell there was some orange mixed in, making it seem like the untamed fire itself.[not too red so don't think red pepers red o.0] His bangs swept so carefully straight to the right side of his eye, barely revealing the shimmering beauty from it.
His lips, so soft seeming so gentle, that it seems to have a power to burn yours if they were ever to touch. [so it seems to the people xD]
His smiles [also known as his "pretend smile"] could set a girls heart a flutter and leave her uneasy and wanting more [daang. o.0 what would the real one do to someone o.o....(I won't answer that!)]
His skin, so [writter's black has just approached x.x]unique, that it seems to glisten when light is shone upon his beauty, seeming like water shimmering against the glass. [I'm still thinking!! lemme aloone! >.<]
His temper can quite be a handful sometimes but at most he's quite calm
[if your on his good side >=D]People tend to not really bother bout his temper
because they know they'll get their butt wooped.
He isn't the type of guy who has so much muscles that it's bulging and not the type that has so little that no one can even notice. He's pretty much in the middle of it, not too much and not to little.
He seems to favor wearing buttoned up shirts, always leaving some unbuttoned to show off his toned muscles, along with some Kacki black pants and a choker. If he was to wear his shirt buttoned he'd wear a loose red/black tie to go along with it.
You may look at him and say you know everything but in truths you know nothing. Beyond this delicate face, hidden so many secrets it seems, making people wonder....who he trully is.
He's a very smart young man, and at times be very very planning and sneaky.

[charater developement for Arata has come to an end for now=D]
(gets hit by a rock, thrown from afar by some tall figure x.x)

Author's note :
*Get back to his age asap
*His food taste?
*His Clothing

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myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

=^^= Have An Awesome and Safe Day! =^^=

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