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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Subject:heh nothing really
Time:9:19 a.m.
Date:July 18th 2007
Mood:Happy, tired. lol

Hey there my lovelies =D
lol, so...I reallized I haven't posted for a
a while....yeeaaa. lol. I guess I got lazy and
I was busy too. lol. We're redecorating the house
and some of you might already know this since
I told some of you guys this like..2 yrs ago?
>.< [doubts you remember tho]
lol. wellz, it's the no having a bed thing
I'm so close to a 4 yr anniversary of having no
bed but hey! guess what?
My bed's coming Friday, woot woot!
xD ohhh sweet bouncy bed a mines >.<
but chyyeeea
=] I think I'll take pics since I'm so happy
o.0 hahaha
[finally getz a 1 yr annivarsery with it!]

So okies. In the past few days that I didn't
post, I was writing a story, and I still am
now =]
My stories called "Sota Ai: a fairytale love"
I showed some of my descripstions for one of
my main char. to my fwends and they pretty much like him alot
woot! I'm currently writting the gurls discrip.
[has writter's block on the chick the most]
I'll post part of my story and char descrip
and what's it about next time lol
[too lazy right now]

Okies, so now I gotta go take a shower and go
change beeecaaaauuuussseee I gotta go do some
paper work thingys. I won't be on from 12-5
I believe. So I might not be able to make it
every single site today ks?
okies! ttfn!
[huggles everyone and gives them all a giant cookie big as a building]


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myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

=^^= Have An Awesome and Safe Day! =^^=

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