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Monday, July 9, 2007

Important Post

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Subject:Anime Banning
Time:1:56 p.m.
Date:July 9th 2007
Mood:annoyed as heck

okies so I got this from DarkForever and she got it from Inocent Heart's site
yeaaa...okies dokies. xD
But right..some flippen lady wants Pres. Bush to ban anime froom AMERICA!!
WE The....uhh..ANIME PEOPLZ has to stand up and stick together and sign a petition
to NOT ban anime!
Let's work together peoplz!
right? okies dokies. oh yea...my post post is the second post.
[site to sign petition]

To: George Bush

Here in America, we live in a climate of moral decay. What is the cause of this? It is called "anime". Anime is a perverse, evil, insiduous form of animation from the dark land of Japan, and is corrupting America's youth at unprecedented rates. Here are a few examples of anime which are circulating on the Internet and may very well be in your home:

1) Ah My Goddess: A sick and disgusting show which causes children under the age of 18 to think they are capable of love. The main female character is clearly under 18, and is forced into a romantic relationship by an older man who "wishes" for her to be his girlfriend forever. He even KISSES her, and she appears NAKED. That poor girl must be so confused.

2) Love Hina: I'm not even going to mention the unspeakable, disgusting, pedophilic, pornograhpic events which transpire during this show, but suffice it to say, groups of young men on Love Hina-fueled rampages are raping children at a level unheard of since the 60s.

If you are a parent or a decent human being, I urge you to sign this petition to ban all forms of anime in the United States. Anyone who is found in possesion of anime should be arrested and jailed for an exhorbant period of time. Anime is a dark scourge upon our beautiful nation, and we don't need this Japanese filth corrupting the hearts of the children.

As a resonsible Christian, I demand to see this garbage removed from our nation. Please sign this petition and send it to George Bush, your Congressman, and the makers/distributors of anime filth and depravity.

Do the right thing.


The Undersigned

we know that anime is not all that bad for us
come on! it also teaches it good moral!
-_- uhgg... I think I'll go rock in a corner now
so I can calm down.


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=^^= Have An Awesome and Safe Day! =^^=

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