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Friday, August 3, 2007

When you realize you still have the ability to suprise yourself."

A quote from one of my favorite movies, which reminds me: Care to tell what your favorite movies are, or at least the top ten come on now I have time :)

On a side note my guestbook entries seem to slowly be vanishing, so if I haven;t gotten to any of your sites and singed back yet, it is most liely because of me losing track because of the dwindling entries. Or because I am simply lazy and need a good push, which is a shame considering I'm only a few steps away from having a hundred entries, not a huge feat and my first site had more but still...

Also, before I go I have two more things to say: Yes I am back from vacation, I have stories! ask me later though it's late and my grammar is getting worse by the second, and...secondly where has miss Animegirl gone to? my friends list has suffered a great loss from the "A" section because of this....not entirely true but I'm curious nonetheless

Now then, it's late, go take some pictures and become a photographizer and what have you (what did I say bout the grammar?)

And the song I reccommend is:
Golden Star, by My Brightest Diamond

~by the way I have quite the collection of music and so far all I am advising is for slower songs, of any of you care to hear about new songs from a different genre, please let me know and I'll be sure to search the depths of my iTunes to find you all something good

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

the contents of this box...

are almost gone, does that make me a pessimist?

Not much to say, just going on vacation this week so maybe afterwards I'll send an update teling you of mine and my friends adventure haha

Good night, recycle your pessimist side for now. I will reurn

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Friday, June 29, 2007

on babysitting...

Give them a tiara to color themselves and they will be entertained for hours, of course when the actual finished product is on the child, you will feel their wrath.

I know this because I just had to witness a little girl run around her entire house yelling "I'M A PRINCESS!" at the top of her lungs, but at least she wasn't breaking things.

Boring summer for me so far, how 'bout all of you? Perhaps we will discuss it over tea*

Thanks for the response on that newest wallpaper, I'll have to finish those others soon!

...And now, POKEMON!

Have fun, get some coffee, this could take a while.

*On a side note tea and Oblivion make for a great gaming fest, you should try it sometime

-Ah yes a song to reccommend...Ah I've got it!

~Chicago, by Sufjan Stevens. Featured on the film "Little Miss Sunshine"

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

so far...

I've learned the importance of raisin bran crunch, but that's it.

can't talk long sorry, just wanted everyone to know that I've managed to get one of those wallpapers up, brainstorming the next as we speak!

I would stay a while and get to your sites, but frankly I do not have the time, so here's another song I reccommend:

Naked as we came, by Iron and Wine

..Fans of a slightly more relaxing genre should like that one, enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

and someday you will look...

...and find a penny on the ground, but not now

I. Hate. Tuesdays.

I decided this whilst walking through the hall this morning at school, I also decided that I am now going to listen to " The Blue Wraith" everytime I enter the building, it's the best theme song ever and if anyone of you wanna check it out the song is by "I Monster" and it is currently residing on my Shaun of the Dead soundtrack, among other places.

So in case you haven't noticed I didn't have the best day, not too bad but still not too good. It's starting to be summer so that means allergies for me, which means sneezing all day, which then of course means headaches.....sneezing fills my brain with horrible, horrible juice!

But other than that I am just checking in, see you later everyone!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

rolling down the freeway.....

....one S.U.V. at a time

no seriously, that is how Monday went for me, I was in a car accident, and was in the front passenger seat whilst my vehicle decided to roll over, on the freeway...haha honest you kids do you think I make up these titles at random?

And now before I get a bunch of messages with the subject "OMG ARE YOU ALRIGHT!" I would like to say that why yes, I am perfectly fine, thank you for asking :)

But I am still telling the story:
I was driving home with my friend in the backseat we were making plans to go to hollywood video to return some less than bad games that he had recently had the misfortune of getting. but anyways all of a sudden I hear my mother scream, I jolt my head up and see that we are now playing tag with all the other cars on the freeway, in case you are wondering my first thought was "well this can't end well." we swerve to the side of the road and into some dirt, and then tried to turn back onto the freeway, I thought we were safe...this was not the case.

Next thing I know my head is slammed back into the seatbelt siding of the car, I hit my ear. this caused quite a bit of ringing. I remember thinking that if I hit my head like that again I was going to pass-WHAM! back into the side. then everything stopped

At first I thought we were upside down, I don't think I realized what just happened, I try to get out of my door only to find that my exit was blocked by the ground, and still I didn't quite realize what had just happened. I undo my seatbelt and grab my phone and (oddly enough) my mom's purse that were both lying in front of me. I see my friend escape out of his opposite door in the back and follow him while he helps me out. And as I sit on top of a rolled S.U.V. on the side of the freeway with a ton of people crowded around I do one thing and one thing only as my first reaction, I look at my phone and text "Hey my car just flipped over twice, I hit my head really hard."
No I am not kidding

And that is my story, everyone in the car is doing great no one else got hurt, the worst I got was a really sore head/neck and some cuts and bruises on my right arm, everyone else is pretty much the same minus the cuts

I guess someone out there likes me haha, see ya guys, drive safe :)

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

of course if you....

...put that thing on the tree, everything will be fine

Everyone I have an announcement!
I am bored.

to explain where I have been the ppast few days you would have to be me, as there were quite a few reasons, so let me give you an outline:

School is nearing it's end for me, this means for a lot of people that all your teachers can go three ways, lighten up on all the work, keep it the same, or make it harder...this term all of mine decided to mix it up a little. So for the past feew days I have been swamped a little in terms of creating a spicy monologue (in which my spectacular one night only performance of playing an out of tune guitar while reciting Hamlet hit it's smashing climax!) and then animating a front projection droject in a little under ten minutes (hint for those future animators, save every five minutes, cause before you know it someone will crash your system trying to render a frame and you will lose everything!)

Plus I have been sick, the very same sickness that brought me here again, unfortunately it got a little worse after :)

That's all for now! thanks for your suggestions I will get right on them, though they might not be done for awhile haha!


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   That's just there...

...For decoration, so don't touch it :)

To you all who took care to comment on my returning rant, much love for you. I owe all of you, seriously...

So I seem to have quite the dilema, that is I need something to keep me busy for now and considering my one lonely wallpaper has almost got a hundred little diddies (it's a lot to me people haha!) I figured I might as well give it a friend out there...so if any of you would be so kind as to suggest a topic (any anime or game really) that you would like to see in a wallpaper you would thus be contributing to the get-me-away-from-procrastination drive and would have my eternal gratitude :)

That being said, I bid you all adieu, as I have to clean!

Take Care,

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This wasn't intentional, I actually was home sick today and when I went downstairs to get my phone charger, I couldn't help but think of this place.
I just went through all of my archives, reviewed some comments, and laughed at all the typos. It's strange how many things have changed since then, even since my last post it would seem that everything has just made a 180 turn. I don't talk to my old friends anymore, I haven't even seen them in at least a year; somehwere along the line we just lost contact I guess.
I went to some of your guys' sites and it looks like you've chamged a bunch too, thank you to those people who've tried to stay in contact with me as well. I've decided that I'm going ot pick this thing back up again, it'll give me the practice that I'm going to need as well as give me something to do when I'm bored...so to all of you that I left benhind hello again! a big line of hugs for all of you haha!
-Until Next Time, J.I.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

"Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs..."

From that one song, you know the one, I'm listening to it.

I have updated within a month! and it's because of one reason, I am bored and am changing my site, most likely to Evangelion....so wait for it and forgive any HTML mistakes until at least tomorrow ok? PM me if you have any suggestions for a new site instead of Evangelion (Kingdom Hearts is done too much as is Final Fantasy)

with that said, get ready...go!

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