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OK. So I'm in a Sonic phase. Plus I've been watchin' star trek and mxc everyday. Dave Chapelle every wednesday. Love that show. I'm thinkin' about drawin a japanes Dave as Samuel Jackson doin' MMM MMM BITCH! I think that'd be fun to draw. Well hope you enjoy the site. Oh and by the way Ill Nino rules. So does KoRn.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Its been an uuber long time. And well yeah a lotta stuff has happened. But you don't care about that. Well unfortunately i still have nothing to bring to the table. And there's the problem of choosing between guitar and drawing. You know what. I'll talk to you guys later. If i have time to get on here i mite as well draw. Later. Umm before i go here's a couple ideas i have in my head rite now. I promised a mega man so he'll be here and so will some Diablo people. Later.

Your Master of Hell and ALL things without a concience.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Yeah so its been forever since i've been back. But now i'm back. Part of the reason it took so long is because i moved. Thats right I got my own house and everything. Still pay rent but oh well. Another part of the reason i was gone so long was because i forgot my feckin password and just took my sweet time to get another one. Well anyway i'm back. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh and i should get some artwork up in the near future.
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Sunday, May 2, 2004

   wow that was dumb
i left u guys hangin there. i'm takin amy my comp and scanner out of belleville hix ville and go to become the worst thing ever. A workin adult. Well i'll talk to you guys later.
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man its been a looong time. Glad to see that noone really noticed. It's okay. I find that kind of thing extremely funny. Most people are always like awww u guys forgot about me. But anyway i've still been drawin so don't worry if u did, and thanx for the comments happyhandicap. I'm happy to know my freaky ass ways amuse people. A lot has happened since i've been here so i would like to take a long moment and summarize as best i can. i've been grounded. told my mom to shove grounding up her ass. still do what i want. They tried to take my guitar. I bought another and took that one back. Met a girl named amy. Took amy to prom. Went to party after prom with amy. u can guess. Started drawin again. Ending up now. bein awake at 12:21 in a hick ass town. And to let u all know now. I'm gonna figure out a way to take amy...my computer...and most importantly my scanner. wouldn't wanna leave you guys hangin for like a week while i get the money to buy one. I'm gonna learn this new settup that i've been hearin about so u guys can see what i've been workin on if u want i don't care. Mite as well put it up here. So my next pic will be at the request of happyhandicap MEGAMAN. Thanx for the request. Umm wat to talk about now. Nm so i'm gonna go. Ummm just expect new pix next weekend. Later guys.
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